Raeanne Wright - Web Designer

Cheers, I'm Raeanne.

I've been making websites since the 90's, when I was an awkward teenager infatuated with art and technology. My first website was a pop-star fan page hosted on Angelfire's free site builder. While I'm no longer trying to impress a teen crush, my desire to share information and make it beautiful, useful, and interesting has only gotten stronger.

I fully embraced my inner art-geek and headed to Rochester Institute of Technology to study filmmaking. Film school was hard work but a blast, and it was there that I discovered my passion for designing experiences for the screen.

After working professionally as a video editor and finding myself on set for a major film production, I changed directions and decided to pursue my web design hobby as a career. I've been working professionally as a Web Designer and front-end Developer, writing lean, clean HTML and CSS ever since. Over the years, my print and interactive work has pleased clients, sold tickets, launched entrepreneurial endeavors, and won awards.

Great design is fueled by ample time away from the computer, and my best ideas arise when I'm on my yoga mat or in the kitchen. A certified yoga teacher and mindfulness practicioner, my interest in health and wellness expands into food, and most evenings you can find me experimenting in the kitchen, watching cooking shows, or planning a dinner party for friends.

I'm continually inspired by the wonderful people in my life who remind and encourage me to follow my heart and forge my own path. Because of them, I work today as a freelance designer and developer, creating beautiful, usable, intelligent websites that make clients (and their users) very happy.

Interested in working with me? Get in touch.